Advertising Campaign: Education for Everyone

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The Aim of Education for everyone:

  • We need your help, for an active role in bringing education to children all over the world, who are less fortunate than you.
  • Education for Everyone, strive to bring education to third world countries. This campaign aims to gain funding from the public and the government to help us fund primary and secondary education to areas all over the world, which have not received these basic needs yet.
  • Also to raise money to provide scholarships for students who wish to embark on further study in their own or other nations.
  • We work with the children in the areas in which they live, to successfully do this we need an array of qualified teachers and even volunteers from the public who wish to help teach these children, things such as english and mathematics.
  • To work with the children in their areas, which can be remote, we need facilities. These facilities will require the likes of builders and carpenters, who are paid volunteers willing to travel to areas to help work on these schools along with locals who are capable of helping with the construction of these proposed education facilities.


We at Education for Everyone believe that it is a sacred right to receive education. Over 57 million children not receiving this right, along with this it has been estimated that over 250 million children are deprived of quality education to teach them to reach or write. Our goal is to:

  1. Provide education for underprivileged youth in third world countries, and;
  2. Provide safe environment for these children to be educated in.

It is even stated in the United Nation (UN) charter of Human Rights in Article 26:

  • Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit.


We feel that the more fortunate parts of the world need to help fund others who struggle to receive a proper education, and even more important, take part in the helping of other’s in receiving this education.


Eduction for Everyone, will be using a series of videos in this advertising campaign to evoke emotion in the public to be motivated to volunteer or donate to our cause in helping others.angolaexcited_students_at_school_in_vill

The videos we have made show children living in certain impoverished situations, with no chance of escape unless we as people help them. The videos will also feature stories of individual children such as Malala Yousafzai, a girl who was shot by the Taliban for trying to go to school and stories of other people suffering from their situations such as the 200 girls in Nigeria who have been kidnapped by the Islam extremist group Boko Haram. These videos will also show the need for education to defeat religious extremism.


In these videos we will also like be appeal to the good emotions you feel after you help someone, with videos of our volunteers with the children helping them and being appreciated with the gratitude of the kids they have helped. Like this one below:

Target Audience and Audience Profiles that I would like to target are the ages 16 and above, these are people who are generally tech savvy and involved in world events as they spend lots of time on social media. The people will be moderate to heavy users of the internet.

The campaign will be posted onto Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


The Audience who donates will be updated by email of the progress of the construction and functioning of schools, along with the progress of the students.

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The volunteers will have a chance either paid or unpaid (depending on qualifications), to travel overseas and help in the construction and setting up of the schools, along with meeting the children. These are great opportunities for travel and great for the CV.

Videos, Social Media profiles and the Website will go online, on 20th of September 2014 and the campaign will go on for around a year before we gain enough funding to launch action overseas.

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Tony Abbott.

As we have seen in the past few weeks or so, our country’s annual budget is another great example of our botched corrupt government, Tony Abbott, Rupert Murdoch and the liberal party have instilled into our country.


This new budget, for the students of Australia, has set out plans to deregulate our student fee’s, increase the interest in HEC’s debts and lower in the income bar for when we have to start paying these loans back.

This new budget plans led tens of thousands to hit the streets in protest in major cities such as Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Hobart.

tony singcrowd

The protest’s which were generally peaceful, have been made out by the Murdoch media to be a violent and unruly protest, with titles like “the feral’s are revolting”, depicting the small and mildly violent parts of the huge protests and not the thousand of peaceful protesters.

What’s brilliant is Tony’s absolute hypocrisy towards these student fee’s, because he did not pay for his daughters $60’000 educations, as she received a one off scholarship from the Whitehouse Institute of Design, in which one of Tony’s donors sits on the board of Governor’s.

Also we can’t forgot the cretins wink, when an old lady was explaining how she had to work at a sex-line to pay her bills.

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The United States of America’s private prisons.

The US is run by corporations, and it is by no means a secret, they get in everywhere and in 1983 Corrections Corporation of America and GEO Group discovered the money to be made in prisons.


The method is genius really, you have a country with overcrowded prison’s and high immigration, you come in and make decade-long contracts with the Government’s worth tens of millions of dollars to take prisoners and immigrants. Then on top of that have the contracts state that the prison’s have to be over 90% to 100% full at all times or the taxpayers have to make up for the lost percentage.

These companies earn billions annually and the problem is the they want to keep earning billions. This has led to millions of dollars of government lobbying by these corporations, lobbying for the upkeep of stringent drug laws and longer sentences and it’s worked.


From 1990-2012 the crime rates in the US have dropped 45%, but the prison population a has risen by a whopping 222%, in other terms the US has 4% of the worlds population put has imprisoned one quarter of the world’s whole prison populace.

Not only have they increased incarceration rate but some of their prisons have horrible living conditions with reports of high rates violence and even child abuse.

For more information checkout this video.

North Korea’s ‘labour camps’

North Korea is basically the largest embarrassment of our current world, with a human rights abuse record that would shock even the most desensitised person.

We all know North Korea is messed-up, but at the top of the list though are it’s ‘labour-camps’, the stories of them are hellish.

Stories have surfaced about the condition of these camps, such as a mother who was forced to drown her newborn baby, people eating, soil, worms and snakes just to have some sustenance, people forced to dig their own graves then killed with hammers, endless rapes and murders and the list goes on. Along with this abuse is the brutal endless labour, a former prisoner stating that “the only way to end the agony was through death”.

Images drawn by a former labour camp prisoner.

Images drawn by a former labour camp prisoner.


What is also striking how easy it is to end up at one of these camp’s, speaking or thinking freely or even going where you want is a crime. But what’s worse is that if you end up in a camp, so does the rest of your family, they literally try to eliminate every part of you.

There are even rumours of cannibalism in the nation, as North Korea is in such a large famine. But as all the people suffer Kim Jong Un and his General’s are having McDonalds flown in daily.

Boy Wonder himself

Boy Wonder himself


Uganda’s new anti-gay laws.

The Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2014, was passed by the Ugandan Parliament on the Twentieth of December 2013. This law now makes it illegal to be a homosexual in the country of Uganda, with punishment of life in prison, which is a step-back from the originally proposed death-sentence.

Uganda's First-Lady: "If cows aren't gay, how can humans be gay?"

Uganda’s First-Lady- “If cows aren’t gay, how can humans be gay?”

This draconian law is the definition of immorality, as the law states thats if someone even helps a gay person they will receive up to 3 years impisonment, anyone who shelters a gay person will receive 14 years prison and worst of all you can just be thrown in prison just off someones word.

In this day and age this type of discrimination is disgusting, but what makes this even worse is that this bill has been received with parading happiness, support and, most surprising, the president, Yoweri Museveni’s support rose. The government of Uganda has quite literally used homosexuality as a scapegoat policy for all the bad things afflicting their nation, the law even passed with aid withdrawal from Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Anti-gay Mob killing a suspected homosexual.

Anti-gay Mob killing a suspected homosexual.

Whats upsetting is the lack of hope I feel for this nation and its LGBT community, gays are already on trial, the public has taken it upon themselves to kill gays and this all because of the government describing gays as some kind of evil undead creature.



After what started as a small protest, mid last year about the Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Who had decided he would build on a treasured national park in Istanbul, has escalated into large and violent riots all over the city.

Large protest in Turkey

Large protest in Turkey

What went wrong was that after refusing to disperse from their peaceful protest, police used unneeded force straight away, firing tear gas into the crowd of protesters.

After the unprovoked attack by police on citizens the people rose together as one to stand up against police brutality and the fascist Prime Minister of they’re country, whom was described as “pig-headed and despises anyone except conservative Muslims”.

The protests picked up more steam, with over ten thousand people gathering to rally against the police yet again, after 15 year-old boy, Berkin Elvan, died after being in a coma for 9 months, who was injured when police fired a tear gas cannon at him whilst he was going to get bread for his family.


Protestors mourning the death of Berkin Elvan

Protestors mourning the death of Berkin Elvan


Both side of the protest are seeing “unprecedented violence”, with over thousands injured and at least 5 dead.

These protests are without leaders, but are a strong bond between the people of Turkey, the professionals, the working class and even the retired, who want to see a stop to social injustice in they’re country.

In our backyard.

Last month our lovely Government here in Victoria passed new anti-protesting laws, which make me feel George Orwell’s 1984 is a huge possibility in this country. This law states that anyone caught protesting will receive a $500 and may face up to 2 years in prison.

Hows that for a democracy Australia?

This new law is the a corrosion of our civil liberties and against our freedom of speech, and its all for a new toll road in the northern Suburbs of Melbourne. The law was made as recent protest by the Socialist Party, who are very against the new tollway going through the northern suburbs.

These protest  have so far successfully halted the construction of this new toll road.  They have made a wonderful effort to wake up every morning and block the construction workers before they begin.

This toll road is not what this city needs, and will displace many long term residence of suburbs such as Fitzroy and North Fitzroy. So not only has the Victorian parliament made an unconstitutional law against our freedom of speech, they are even depriving people of the right to their own land.

The act of parliament was passed 20 to 18 and here are the 20 who have betrayed us as citizens of Australia.